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Grand Illusions
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A most unusual yo-yo!

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The Yotayo is a yo-yo that also incorporates a trapeze artist, hence the 'ta' in Yotayo.

We were approached recently by the inventor of this toy, Colin Guppy. He has an engineering background, and has designed this unusual toy. It is a 'double' yo-yo, in the sense that there are two strings not one. But the idea that makes it so unusual is that there is a separate object, the trapeze artist, and with a little practice it is possible to get the trapeze artist to move from the bar at the top onto the yo-yo, and it is also possible to then get the trapeze artist to hop from the yo-yo back onto the bar at the top - just like the high flying artists of the flying trapeze! 

As well as designing the toy, Colin has had the plastic injection moulds made, and has been able to create a small run of the finished toy. However as he is now in his eighties, he has decided that the toy needs someone else to take it over. This is a toy looking for a home! Tim is putting out feelers to some of the larger toy developers here in the UK, to see if they are interested in taking on the Yotayo. Meanwhile, Grand Illusions is offering the existing stock of Yotayos for sale. However there are only 50, all hand assembled by Colin himself!