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Walter Ruffler - Wimbledon

Walter Ruffler
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Paper automata have a long tradition, dating back to the 19th century. Today paper modelling is enjoying a renaissance. More and more people have discovered a love for building these little works of art, as the models can be built in a few hours, but bring delight for many hours thereafter. 

The three spectators are watching the tennis. Their heads turn from side to side as they keep an eye on the ball! 

Rotation of the handle is transmitted to a horizontal camshaft. Two staggered cams transfer the movement to friction wheels, whose vertical shafts move to the right and to the left, and the heads of the spectators move correspondingly. 

This paper machine kit contains three construction sheets printed with the model parts, kebab and cocktail sticks, and fully illustrated step by step instructions. The model requires scoring, cutting, folding and glueing. Items you will need to provide - a pair of scissors, a craft knife, a ruler, and glue (white school glue is fine).

Suggested for ages 12+

These are challenging kits to construct, and will take a good few hours!