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The Dancing Disc Kit

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Will this disc ever stop spinning?

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This is a fascinating physics demonstration, that mesmerises everyone that sees it. The base is a slightly concave mirror. There is then a heavy metal disc, which you place on the mirror, and spin. What happens then?

Well, just like spinning a coin on a table, the disc both spins and rolls, until it comes to a sudden stop, the final stages being accompanied by a sound of increasing frequency. A coin spun on a table will not spin for all that long. The Dancing Disc, by contrast, spins for a long time before coming to rest. The best thing really is to watch the video. It is a lot of fun showing this to someone who has not seen it before. The ending is really spectacular. It also has a spectacular name - a finite-time singularity! 

The stainless steel disc supplied in this kit (75 x 13mm) weighs 450 grams, and can easily be made to spin for a minute and a half!

This comes as a kit, and requires some construction. You will need to supply the glue, an all purpose solvent-based adhesive such as UHU or Evo-Stik will work well. Solvent-free water-based adhesives will not work properly.  The kit comes with pre-punched sheet of heavy duty card, printed in gold and blue. Push out the cardboard strips, and glue them to the edge of the mirror, to create a stable base. 

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