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Spin Flux

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Based on Lenz's law, this beautiful magnetic toy is a a spin top, a spinner and a fidget toy!
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Spin Flux is both a tactile and a visual experience. The mirror finish outer aluminum ring or torus contains in the middle a neodymium magnetic ball that can rotate but is otherwise held in place. 

As you start rotating the ball you will notice a magnetic interaction between the components caused by a phenomenon called Lenz’s law. Depending on the direction you turn the ball, it will behave differently. Turn the ball one way and it will move very easily, turn it in the other direction and you will feel a great amount of resistance

Hold the ball with your fingers, find the direction with the least resistance and start spinning the torus around it. Or find the direction with the strongest repulsion and enjoy the smooth, friction-less braking force under your fingertips. 

With the  wooden cradle which is included, you can either display this unusual piece of contemporary design on your desk or you can turn the cradle upside down: use this perfectly shaped surface as the base of a long lasting, beautiful spinning top!

The Spin Flux comes in a very smart presentation box. 

We sell the mirror nickel version of the Spin Flux. 

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