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Somersaulting Top

Grand Illusions
(Code: 817)
At first sight, this looks like a very normal top...

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At first sight, this looks like a very normal top. There is a pointed end - that must be the point the top spins on; so obviously we pick it up by the other end, and simply spin it. However that is not how it works at all...!

If we try to spin the top 'normally', it simply falls over. Playing around for a bit reveals that the top will spin 'upside down' i.e. with the pointy bit facing upwards. However the top has a much cleverer trick up its sleeve. 

Spin the top normally, i.e. with the point downwards, and it will immediately fall onto its side. However it will remain spinning, and it will also slowly rotate as it spins on its side. If we reach in and use our fingers to give it a nudge in the opposite direction, it will initially spin the other way, but still on its side, and it will then hop up onto the blunt end and spin happily in that orientation! 

The top is 8.5cm tall, and comes in a cardboard box. 

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