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MirageThe Mirage is one of those classic toys that has been around for several decades now, but never loses its appeal. It produces a small, full-color hologram of natural, lifelike appearance, allowing 360-degree viewing. The little plastic pig seems solid enough, but when you try and touch it, your fingers find that it is just an illusion - there is nothing there.Mirage consists of two opposing parabolic mirrors. In overall appearance, Mirage resembles a small 9inch wok with a 2 inch circular opening in the top. The physical object to be converted to a hologram is placed in the concave centre of the bottom mirror. A hologram instantly projects up through this aperture, appearing to the viewer as a truly solid object. We supply the little plastic pig, but you can place any object in the Mirage, and instantly convert it into a wonderful optical illusion!Mirage was originally discovered over 30 years ago, when a member of staff at the University of California at Santa Barbara was cleaning around a stack of searchlight reflectors (which are parabolic reflectors of course!) when he noticed that he was trying to clean off some 'dust' that turned out not to actually be there! He showed this to one of the physics professors, and the two of them started making a commercial product, based around the phenomenon that they had accidentally discovered.Their initial product was made of glass, and was quite expensive. Later an American company called Optigone took out a licence, and started making a version in plastic, which could sell for a third of the price. There have been even cheaper copies made in the Far East, but they tend to have lower quality optics. We sell the genuine Optigone Mirage.Made in USA

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Customer reviews
Very nice optical illusion. Works as good as in Youtube movie.
Wim vd Dungen.
Nice item that I already knew from a previous purchase, many years back.
Lionel Depeux Review collected by Feefo
This is a great little device, especially at a bargain price. The how it works explanation is a bit lacking - why CAN'T you see real images like this in mid-air under other circumstances? But great to encourage further exploration... Dave.
David Parkinson Review collected by Feefo
Holly Frost Review collected by Feefo
Fascinating instrument. In instruction for use I read that is mirage instrument so we need to handle with care. I made 2 scratches immediately.
Andrej Gorsin Review collected by Feefo
Great illusion, every time again amazing.
Dorothea Samtleben Review collected by Feefo
The size of the product was a little smaller than I expected it to be, but the optical illusion it delivers is still stunning to watch and try to poke on. Maybe you could add the size of the product on your page?
Jouko Juhola Review collected by Feefo
Kelly Read Review collected by Feefo
I don't know yet - it's a Christmas present!
Richard Tozer Review collected by Feefo
Julie Verstraete Review collected by Feefo