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Magnetic Raketti

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Magnetic RakettiThe regular Raketti consists of a wooden block with a cylindrical hole drilled into it, and a wooden cylinder that fits loosely into the hole. You present it as a challenge to someone - get the central cylinder out of the hole without touching the toy at all. You are not even allowed to touch the table. It seems impossible... until you see it done. You blow sharply over the top of the cylinder, which pops smartly up into the air. OK, that is the regular Raketti, which we sell elsewhere on this site. This however is the Magnetic Raketti! There is a small magnet inside the Raketti, and a small screw attached to the bottom of the cylinder. When you pop the cylinder inside the Raketti, if the magnet and the screw head are 180 degrees apart, then the Raketti will behave like a normal Raketti. If however you rotate the cylinder by 180 degrees so that the magnet and the screw head are in contact, the Raketti will not work - you can blow as hard as you like, and the central cylinder will not move!Essentially it is a trick inside another trick. The regular Raketti is a puzzle anyway. So once you have fooled someone with the regular trick, you can then use the magnets to fool them all over again!

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Customer reviews
Clearer instructions.
Ruth Webb Review collected by Feefo
Perhaps I'm not solving the puzzle properly but I cannot get it to work.
Jonathan Byrne Review collected by Feefo
Fraser Glennie Review collected by Feefo
Adam Rubin Review collected by Feefo
Scott Hudson de Tarnowsky Review collected by Feefo
Ashley Booth Review collected by Feefo
Allan Chappell Review collected by Feefo
As a science teacher I love to challenge my students with puzzles like this one. Those that figure it out sure get a boost in self esteem!
Tom Young Review collected by Feefo
Wonderful toy (couldn't find it elsewhere) - a little pricey, but excellent workmanship nonetheless.
D Tubb Review collected by Feefo
Viken Tavitian Review collected by Feefo