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Lung Tester

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Test my lungs? You must be joking...

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The Lung Tester, or Miner's Lung Tester as it is sometimes called, is a practical joke. It is presented as an item used to test lung capacity, supposedly to check whether a miner was fit to work underground. Before offering it to someone else, you demonstrate how it works. You blow into the mouthpiece - it is clear you are having to blow quite hard. And the little fan or turbine will spin round. You then offer the device to your unsuspecting victim. They blow into the Lung Tester and get talcum powder blown into their face! 

Hand made in Indonesia, from brass and copper. 

A friend of Tim's called Clive Panto brought a similar device into the Grand Illusions studio a few years ago. It has a slightly different design, but the principle is the same. 

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