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Little Steam Yacht or Pop Pop Boat

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The classic Pop Pop boat!

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The Little Steam Yacht is a classical pop-pop boat with diaphragm boiler and twin exhaust drive. Complete with rudder, water pipette, two candles and a fire spoon.

The Pop Pop boat contains a simple steam engine without moving parts - the name comes from the noise made by some versions of the boats.

A heat source inside the boat, either a small candle or a solid fuel tablet, causes the water in the boiler to boil. Steam pushes water out of the two tubes at the back of the boat, and the boat moves forwards. Water is then drawn back into the tubes, and the process repeats. 

Comes with detailed instructions and explanations in English and German.

Length 14.5cm

As well as a candle, you can use a solid fuel tablet. We have difficulties sending these through the post/by courier, so it will be something you need to source locally. 

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