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Japanese 'Top Spin' Top (medium)

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Japanese 'Top Spin' Top (medium)
This unusual painted wooden Japanese spinning top incorporates an unusual motion, and an unexpected visual effect. You start by standing the top upright, and spin it using the wooden handle. Initially the top spins vertically, but very soon it topples over, so that it is now spinning flat on the table. There are now two actions happening; the top is still spinning along its axis, but it is also rotating on the table. The combination of these two motions is such that when you look down on the top from above, you see a pattern of coloured hearts, that first rotates in one direction, and then in the other direction. Hard to obtain outside Japan, we have both a small and a medium version of this top. The one shown here is the medium version, which is 96mm in length.The video does not show the effect quite as well as you see it in real life.Made in Japan

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Customer reviews
Richard Hughes Review collected by Feefo
Delightful spinning top and beautifully made.
Daniella Thomsit Review collected by Feefo
L P Brokenshire CBE Review collected by Feefo
Quite unusual, fits well in a spin top's collection.
Helena Alberto Review collected by Feefo