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Heart Metamorphosis

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Grand Illusions
(Code: 993)
Ambiguous Objects look completely different when viewed in a mirror...

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Four hearts, joined together in a row. But when viewed from the other side, or viewed in a mirror, the four hearts turn into the four suits, diamond, heart, club and spade. How is that possible? In fact, there is another subtlety going on - the heart is the right way up, whichever way you look at it!  

Created by Kokichi Sugihara, a Japanese mathematician and artist known for his three-dimensional optical illusions. His illusions, which often involve videos of three-dimensional objects shown from carefully chosen perspectives, have won a number of awards at the Best Illusion of the Year Contest. 

It is 8cm wide. 

Customer reviews
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Love this thing! It's fun to just mess around with or have it laying on a desk.
Tyrek Adams.
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Ingenious and very unusual.
Alan J.
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Fascinating demonstration of how imiportant the perspective you take influences what you see.
Raymond P.