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Endless Spring

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Tim's all-time favourite toy for entertaining people at parties... 

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Tim had his own Endless Spring made about 20 years ago, and he has been entertaining people with it ever since! At children's parties, or parties for grown-ups, they want him to do it again... and again...   Over the years people have asked us where they could get an Endless Spring, and so we have finally taken the plunge and had a few made. 

Each Endless Spring contains 16 steel compression springs, which are about 140mm in diameter and which have been galvanised so there should be no danger of them rusting over time and marking the fabric. We have also fitted silicone end caps to each end of each spring, to stop the sharp ends poking out of the fabric. 

We have chosen a colourful selection of fabrics, as you can see from the video, and the fabric sleeves have been created by a professional company with overlocking sewing machines. 

The cardboard tube is 8 inches in diameter, and 34.5 inches long (203 x 875mm) and we will ship the tube in a bigger (10 inch diameter) tube in order to give it maximum protection. The whole package weights about 18kg. 

The cost of the Endless Spring is GBP500, plus VAT (if applicable) and shipping.  

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Customer reviews
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A brilliant comedy gag which we'll be using for our panto. Very well made. Simple to operate and reset. Wonderful!
Greenwich Theatre.
Shopping Satisfaction
This prop exceeded all my expectations, I can't wait to perform with it !

I am Delighted with this wonderful prop !
Damien F.
Shopping Satisfaction
Like a dream come true with this colourful provider of joy and wonder for all ages.
J.M. C.