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Christmas Pack 2018/2019

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Every year we create a brand new 'Grand Illusions Christmas Pack' containing around a dozen small items that Tim has come across during the year. Tim loves putting together the items in the Christmas Pack, and he also enjoys setting himself a challenge - every year, the items in the Christmas Pack have to be different, we will never repeat an item that has been in a previous pack! 

Here are the contents of the Grand Illusions 2018/2019 Christmas Pack

1.‘Message in a Bottle’ Christmas card. A lovely new design of Christmas card, which transforms into a 3D card.

2.Punch Ball Balloon. 

3.Perplexus Puzzle. Small key fob sized version. Guide the silver ball through the 3-D maze.

4.Dodecamirror. This item has now been replaced by a mystery toy, from Tim's collection. 

5.The Miracle Rope Cutter Trick

6.Fidget Pop Candy. Unwrap both ends to find small lollipop to suck. Make sure you lick both ends evenly to maintain equilibrium for spinning!

7.Face Coasters

8.Glow Motion Straws

9.Ladybird. Push along friction runner with flywheel inside. Speed it up and let go. It runs away. However, this is also a spinning top! Speed it up and turn it over. Now place the upside-down bug gently on a plate or smooth table and watch it spin fast.

10. Ambiguous Tubes. These two small plastic tubes, joined together, are a new optical illusion by Professor Kokichi Sugihara, of Japan. Place the tubes on the table, with the flat side down, with the blue tube on the left and the yellow tube on the right. Notice that the blue tube appears to be hexagonal and the yellow tube appears circular. Now turn the tubes round 180 degrees, so that the yellow tube is now on the left. Immediately you will see that the yellow tube now appears to be square and the blue tube appears to be circular. Turn them around again, and they are restored to their original shapes. Try placing a mirror behind them for even more confusion!

11. The Magic Sword. Hold it in your left hand, making sure the little lever on the right-hand side is in the up position. Insert the small metal dagger at the end of the little chain into the small hole in the Perspex, and make sure it goes all the way through. Look at the back and you should see the tip of the dagger just peeping out of the base. Now, looking at the front, you will see that the pirate has his sword poised, ready to strike a mighty blow. But… your metal dagger is blocking his way. What will happen when you pull the little lever down? The pirate’s sword cuts right through your dagger! If you move the lever up again, the pirate will sweep his sword upwards, and cut right through your dagger again. But if you then pull the dagger out, you will see it is still in one piece. That is magic! 

12. Photocopy Fun! a) Black and white sheet with butterfly – follow instructions on sheet; b) Colour sheet ‘The Nodding Donkey’ is a joke optical illusion. 

We hope you enjoy the items in our latest Christmas Pack! 

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