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Boogie Dice

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Boogie Dice
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The world’s first sound-activated, self-rolling, motorized dice!
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The world’s first sound-activated, self-rolling, motorized dice. Clap your hands and Boogie Dice will start to roll by themselves like magic!

Inside each Boogie Dice there is a vibration motor, a tiny microphone, a microprocessor, a rechargeable battery and 3 LED lights. When the microphone detects a short and loud sound, such as a hand clap or a finger snap, the motor starts rotating, causing the dice bounce and roll.

Designed to be a universal gaming accessory, Boogie Dice can replace any standard ‘static’ dice in any and all of your favorite games.

On a full charge, Boogie Dice can roll up to 30 minutes continuously. That’s about 500 activations!  Each die is equipped with a powerful 100 mAh rechargeable lithium battery. To charge the dice, place them on the 3 metal charging pins on the charging station. The dice glow red throughout the charging period (approx. 40 min).

Inside the box: 2 Boogie Dice, Charging Dock with integrated USB cable. 

BOOGIE APP. You can download the free Boogie App. This allows you to check the battery level, change the colour of the light, change how long the dice rolls and also how strongly the dice rolls, and also switch between different game behaviours. 


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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
They really do boogie, would recommend this for anyone to purchase.
Catherine S.
Shopping Satisfaction
Nice idea: I find it difficult to get consistent results. One of the two dice switches on more easily than the other, but when they roll themselves, they are very effective! (Just don't carry them loose on a crowded tube train as they get excited by the noise of the train doors!).
Tony M.