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Bah Humbug Christmas Card - Set of 5

Grand Illusions
(Code: 1052)
At first sight, it looks just like a normal Christmas card...

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Made specially for Grand Illusions, this looks like a normal Christmas card. There is a picture of Santa, and the message reads Merry Christmas! You place the card on the mantel piece and stand back to admire it, and.... hang on... the message has changed. It now says 'Bah Humbug'! 

This is a Duillusion card, where the text contains two separate messages. One which you see when you hold the card in your hand or when you are close to it, the other message becomes visible when the card is further away. It works better in real life - the camera struggles to capture a Duillusion!

You get 5 cards and 5 white envelopes. The cards are blank inside. 

Channel your inner Scrooge!