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Spring 2008

Grand Illusions has expanded! Last year we renovated the building next to our main barn, and we have now expanded into the new space. As well as making the mailing out of the toys more efficient, we now have a dedicated studio space, so you should start seeing lots of smart new videos, with better lighting and sound. We plan to try and film a lot more toys from Tim's collection this year. The collection now numbers over 15,000 and growing, so we have to run fast for the video coverage to keep up with the speed that the collection is increasing!

We are also pleased to be able to announce that the new building is heated with a ground source heat pump which, from an environmental point of view, is one of the best ways of heating a building. Rather than generating heat by burning fossil fuels, the heat pump moves heat from the ground outside, into the building.

We have some exciting new toys that will be arriving in the Grand Illusions Toy Shop this year. The best way to keep in touch is to subscribe to the newsletter.

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