Solar Butterfly

Around the vase of flowers flutters a butterfly. This insect seems to be a sun lover, since as the sun slines brightly he flutters faster, and when the sun goes behind a cloud, he slows down. In fact this is a solar powered butterfly, and really quite a convincing one.

In the centre, the solar panel drives a little motor, which is attached to a very thin wire. When the sun shines, not only does the butterfly go round in circles, it actually flutters its wings very realistically.

It is an ingenious mechanism, where the wire is driven in such as way as to not only push the butterfly round in a circle, it also imparts an up and down motion. The butterfly is flexible, so the end result is that it looks for all the world as if the butterfly is flapping its wings.

Place it in a vase of flowers by the window, or maybe in the middle of a plant outside, and you have an animated little butterfly that will cause a lot of people to look again. It looks very real!

At the moment we just have one of these in the Toy Collection, but we may get some in to sell in the Top Shop later this year.

Items in the toy collection are not for sale.

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