Record Runner

This is a simply wonderful toy, and one of the most unexpected things you will ever come across. For those of you that don't remember vinyl records, they are what people had before CDs, and they needed a special turntable to play them.

This extraordinary toy replaces the turntable - all you need is the record. Place it on a flat surface, and place the car on the record. Underneath the car is a needle that will sit in the slot on the record. Switch the car on, and it travels around the record, playing the record as it goes. Within the car is a small amplifier and a speaker.

In order to keep the car on track as it were, the needle is mounted at the end of a lightweight arm, at the other end of which is a small guide wheel. This allows the vehicle to follow the groove on the record. The car is only designed for records that are meant to be played at 33rpm, i.e. long playing records, and now that the car is no longer in the first flush of youth, it has to be said that it doesn't really handle music all that well, which is why we have chosen to demonstrate it using a speech recording. But it is a clever, ingenious mechanism. It runs on a single PP9 battery.


We have received a number of requests from people who would like to obtain one of these. We do not sell this item, but we did find this site in Japan that does sell them. We do not know anything about the site, and we have not bought anything from them. But they do appear to have a range of Record Runners for sale, with different designs.

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