Projecting Kaleidoscope

There are many designs of kaleidoscope, ranging from a simple child's toy, all the way up to elaborate models that cost a great deal of money. And over the years we have seen a fair few designs. But this is the only kaleidoscope we have ever come across where more than one person can view the image at the same time - this is a projecting kaleidoscope.

The main part of the kaleidoscope, the black tube, contains a battery pack and a bulb. When you switch the light on, the image inside the kaleidoscope is projected. There is a small lens on the end of the tube. When this is in place, the kaleidoscope will focus at a short distance, as we show in the video. If you remove the lens, then the point of focus is further away, and this allows you to project an image onto a wall or a screen.

The other part of the apparatus is the wooden base. This supports the kaleidoscope on a couple of wooden wheels, which allow it to turn freely. At one end, there is a small clockwork motor. Engage the end of the kaleidoscope, wind up the clockwork motor, and enjoy the show!

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