Natural Orange Box

A small round box with a lid. It has a curious, off-white mottled colour, and a distinct smell of oranges when you lift the lid. And no wonder - this box is actually made from an orange, or at least the peel of an orange, that has been squeezed thin, shaped, dried out and 'cured'. Originally an ancient Mediterranean art, the technique was revived in the 1980s by a husband and wife team based in California.

Using orange peel, grapefruit and lime peel, the skins are soaked for several hours in water, then turned inside out and placed over a mould. They then spend several days drying in the sun, and are then removed from the mould and polished. The boxes will apparently last for decades, although the natural scent of the frut will only last 3 or 4 years.

The boxes are traditionally known as symbols of good luck and prosperity to their owners!

Only natural elements such as water, air and sunshine are used to create these fragrant and unique citrus peel gift boxes. Some are left 'natural', and others are decorated and painted


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