Japanese Toy Fair 2004

We don't get to the Japanese Toy Fair every year, but when we do it is a double bonus, because as well as the fair itself, it is an opportunity to visit many of the toy shops in Tokyo, which often sell items designed and made exclusively for the Japanese market, and which we are never likely to see in the West.

The highlights of this trip included 2 versions of a bird that is actually a cartoon character that appears on Japanese television. One version is a simple wind up toy with a nice walking action, but the bigger version is battery powered, and reacts to noise by blinking his eyes and saying things - in Japanese of course!

We found an attractive design of biro, which showed an animal with moving jaws. Our video shows the shark and the crocodile, although there are other versions. At the side of the pen is a slider - the dorsal fin in the case of the shark, and the cleaner bird in the case of the crocodile. Moving the slider causes the writing nib to appear or to retract, but at the same time the slider causes a nice chattering action of the animal jaws!

A version of Picachu, the Pokemon character, that pops up on a lazy susan extender, plus an odd object that looks like the tail of a cat, that flexes. Very strange!

Two different wind up walking toys, more chattering teeth with a chattering skeleton, and finally an amazing little charcter that comes apart into a number of wooden tops.

Items in the toy collection are not for sale.

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