Jack In The Box

The Jack In The Box is a very traditional toy. But you won't have seen these particular versions before, as Tim commissioned them all from specialist toy makers during his 'Jack In The Box phase', some years ago!

Teddy and his bride is a double box - there are two catches to open - and Teddy pops out of one, dressed as the groom. From the other box appears Mrs Teddy, also in her wedding finery. This box was commissioned by Tim in 1986 from Clare Robina, who at that time lived and worked in Cornwall.

Tim then became fascinated by the idea of incorporating the Russian Doll idea (each time you open the doll, a smaller doll appears) to the Jack In The Box idea. When you open the box, a figure pops up, holding another box... when you open that box, another figure pops up, also holding a box; each figure getting smaller and smaller.

Both of these were made by the artist Pippa Greenwood in about 1990.

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