Climbing Coin

A simple coin, but an amazing trick. If you can see how to do it, try it on your friends...

Mexican Jumping Beans

This is a toy that you can find in nature - if you live in Mexico!

Toy Miscellany 2

Tim digs into the glory bag that is his toy collection, and comes up with this eclectic selection!

String Toys

A collection of toys with a common theme - they all operate on a string. Some climb, some descend, some do both!

Bee Box

A puzzle box with a very unusual mechanism that you have to solve, in order to open the box

Spinning Tops - Part 1

Tim delves into his extensive collection, and gives a few of his tops a spin!

Food and Drink Toys 2009

Toys with a theme, either for the kitchen or the dining table. Have fun while you eat!

Spinning Tops - Part 2

Another batch of amazing spinning tops from Tim's collection

Grand Illusions Toy Shop

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