Gyroscopic Jockey

An amazing gyroscopic tin toy from Japan

Two Mystery Toys

There are a few toys that simply defy explanation. Here are two of them...

Japanese Toy Fair 2004

Tim travels back in time, to explore some of the toys he collected while visiting Tokyo in 2004

The Mighty Dollar

A novel view of the 'greenback', at the beginning and at the end of its life...

Crazy Glasses Collection

A range of the weird and the wacky - although a few verge on actually being useful

Solar Butterfly

Incredibly lifelike, this butterfly flutters gently around the flowers. But only while the sun shines!

A Cut Above!

Some of the amazing pairs of scissors from the Toy Collection

Selling Nothing!

Is this the ultimate in minimalism? How to sell absolutely nothing!

Grand Illusions Toy Shop

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