Sahara Sand Box

Very simple, but almost hypnotic in its effect - watch the shifting sands, and see the amazing patterns!

Animated Cowboy

A simple form of animation keeps this cowboy riding on and on into the sunset.

Con Machine

Con as in trick - this little box is not what it seems.

Circular Saw

A circular saw - best kept for demonstrations on the antique wooden table!

Fishing Penguin

A mechanism from the Middle Ages, and a very early awareness of environmental issues, in this unusual toy.

Manhatten Bank

A gorilla climbing up a building called the 'Manhatten Bank' - what does that remind me of?

Scala Biro

Made specially for a restaurant that specialised in jokes and tricks. Yes, I said restaurant!


A spinning magnet, an elegant piece of kinetic art, all make up the Spiraculum.

Grand Illusions Toy Shop

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