The Little Black Box

An unexpected toy, and really quite philosophical. More than that, it's green credentials are impeccable!

Record Runner

This is one of our all time favourites from the collection. Is it a car? No! Is it a record player? Yes!!!

Magic Stick

Simple magic, as the little figure floats to the top of the stick. Requires no batteries!

Musical Bank

The government would like us to save more - could this be the answer? A charming, musical bank!


Magnetic tops, and a challenge even for the dextrous among us.

The Crick Crack Train

A train for small children, but one with an intriguing action... all aboard!

Martian Doll

Hmmm... looks a bit weird this one, but it is designed as a visual novelty and a hand exerciser, all in one.

The Yo-Ball

Yo! A toy that doen't quite know what it is - partly yo-yo, partly something with springs. Certainly unusual.

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