Chinese Camel

OK, we know that you don't find camels in China! It is just that this tin toy was made in China. It dates from around 1990. And of course, having two humps it is a camel - dromedarys have just one hump.

We like the walking action of this animal. Of course like any automaton, it does not replicate the actual gait of a camel - that would be far too complex for a mere tin toy. Instead it has 8 legs, working as 2 sets of 4, which move in a circular motion.

Tin toys are collectors items, and rare ones can become quite valuable. The thing that is important if you are selling a tin toy at auction and want to get the best price is that it comes in the original box, and that everything is in perfect condition. Sadly, investors in tin toys rarely play with them, since this would decrease their value. Our camel gets quite a few outings (although he doesn't like sand) and so is not in mint condition at all. But we prefer it that way!


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