Bee Box

This is an unusual example of a puzzle box - where there is some sort of a puzzle that you have to solve in order to open the box.

There are a whole variety of wooden puzzle boxes made in Japan, and indeed we sell several different Japanese Trick Boxes in the Grand Illusions Toy Shop.

This box is made in Europe, and has a very unusual mechanism. The name on the lid of the box - Bee Box - gives a little clue, if you think that a bee has a sting!

There is a sliding lid on the top, except that it does not want to open. On the underside of the box are four small holes, three of which are obvious, the last one slightly less so, as it forms the 'O' in the word Bee Box, which appears in small letters on the underside.

You need to spot that at the side of the box, well concealed, is a little wooden stick with a pointed end. This is the 'sting' and when you insert it into the correct hole on the underside of the box, you will pop a small balloon inside the box, and this will allow a small wooden dowel to drop out of the way. This will then permit the sliding lid to be opened.

If you watch the video, Tim will demonstrate the mechanism, and open the box!

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