Garage doors that fool you...

If you have a garage, and you want to stand out, here is a company - - that supplies 'photo tarpaulins' that will certainly make your neighbours stop and stare!

The tarpaulin fastens to the front of your garage door, so that even though the garage is closed, you do not think you are looking at a closed garage door. In the example above, it looks as if the garage is open, and you have parked a very expensive power boat inside. Other versions include all kinds of cars, horses, and other scenes.

Here is seems that your garage contains the locker room for the local football team.

Here your garage has become the gateway to a beach in Hawaii... that should turn a few heads!

Here, your garage has become a stop on the New York subway.

There are many more examples on the web site. You can even supply your own photo. We think this is a lot of fun. There are even examples for a double and even a triple garage - a jumbo jet in the latter case!

Grand Illusions Toy Shop

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