European Street Painting (Die Strassenmaler)

For this painting, an advertising agency commissioned the artists to create this three dimensional image of the new Smart Forfour car in Hamburg. Again, this is an anamorphic painting, with the actual picture on the ground being 25 metres in length! An added problem was that the artists had their painting washed away by rain three times!

Here is an arial view, showing how the painting appears from a different angle.

In June 2005, the artists created this painting called 'Stuntcity'. Situated in the centre of Berlin in Potzdamer Platz, itself the scence of major rebuilding, this painting gives you a view from the (imaginary) 22nd floor. Don't jump!

Finally, at the Moose Jaw Prairie Arts Festival in 2007, Manfred Stader and Edgar Müller turned River Street into... a raging river heading for a giant waterfall. Spectators were able to place themselves in the picture - like the two people here who look as if they are about to be swept over the edge!

The work of Manfred Stader and Edgar Müller is shown here with the artists permission.

Visit the Strassenmaler web site.

Another artist who uses anamorphic techniques is the Hungarian István Orosz.

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