European Street Painting (Die Strassenmaler)

Manfred Stader and Edgar Müller are Die Strassenmaler, or 'the street painter'. Having travelled the world and studied many types of painting, they now run their own business in Germany, creating pavement paintings and street art.

The picture above was created for the Heineken Champions Football League in Paris in 2005. Heineken invited employees from all over the world to come to Paris to see the final. On the day before the final, there were many fringe events that happened around Montmartre. One event was the creation of this piece of pavement art, showing the two opposing captains, Henry and Puyol. As well as being an anamorphic picture - as you can see from the distorted view that you get if you view the picture from the other side - there was a nice touch with the shadow of the football making the ball seem to float in mid air!

The Strassenmaler's work is shown here with the artists permission.

Visit the Strassenmaler web site.

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