Pictorial Montage

A pictorial montage, or mosaic, is where you use lots of small images to create a single, bigger image. The picture you see here consists of lots of images of animals, and since you are only seeing a part of the whole image, it is not clear what the larger image actually is. However you can view the whole picture here. Make sure the image fills most or all of your screen. Close up, you will see lots of small images of animals. But as you back away from the image, or half close your eyes, you will see the bigger picture.

This image was created by Paul Van Scott who, when he was a child, remembers being given a picture of John F Kennedy, that was made up of lots of smaller pictures of other famous people. And although some members of his family thought it a little tacky, Paul thought it was pretty cool.

Paul has been developing the process ever since. He says 'there are several computer programs you can use to assist you, but you really have to use your own eye and tinker with it yourself to get the desired look.'

As well as mosaics based around photographs, Paul has also developed a range of posters created out of regular playing cards. You can see some of the images that he has created at his web site - www.finalscoreproducts.com.

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