Work of Jim Warren - 1

This picture was created by the American artist, Jim Warren. Entitled 'Mother Nature - in the new Millenium', this is a reworking of an earlier painting that Jim created in 1991, which was called simply 'Mother Nature.'

Jim lives in Clearwater, Florida, and is largely self taught. His paintings have appeared as covers on books, albums and magazines, and his paintings can be found in various art galleries around the world.

His style is unusual and very distinctive, using oil on canvas. He uses a normal paintbrush, not an airbrush - as many people have thought.

He has published two books of his paintings, and has also been commissioned to paint many portraits. However Jim says 'my greatest accomplishment to date, and one that can not be matched, is the many letters and communications that I have recieved from people telling me that my art has inspired them or made their day a little brighter'.

Reproduced with permission from the artist.

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