The Garden of Dreams

This striking image of a woman was at the heart of one of the show gardens at the 2006 Chelsea Flower Show in London, UK.

One of the most important events in the horticultural calendar - some would say THE most important event - the Chelsea Flower Show started in 1862 as the Royal Horticultural Society's Great Spring Show. In 1913, it moved to the present site of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, where it has remained ever since. Garden designers from around the world compete for space at this most famous of flower shows, and the show gardens reflect the most up to date - and ever changing ideas - in garden design.

The Garden of Dreams was one of the 2006 show gardens, and was sponsored by 4head, and designed by Marney Hall and Heather Yarrow.

The garden was designed as a 'natural haven of peace, inviting visitors to journey from the stressful world of consciousness to an altogether more alluring destination, idealised in dreams..'

In the middle of the garden is an island, which is home to an evocative, dreaming girl, a stunning living sculpture, created by Sue and Peter Hill, whose work includes 'Eve' at the Eden Project, and 'Mudmaid' at the Lost Gardens of Heligan. Around the pool grow plants such as vervain, borage, lavender and chamomile, all renowned for their calming properties, intoxicating perfumes and subdued colours... 'the dreaming girl bears witness to the soporific effects of colur, scent, texture, birdsong, water, and reflective light.'

We understand that since the 2006 Chelsea Flower Show closed, this figure has been bought by Olivia Harrison, the widow of George Harrison. She has been continuing to restore the large Victorian garden at their house in Henley-on-Thames, UK, which is where we understand the sculpture has now found a permanent home.

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