Butterfly Alphabet

The amazing story of Kjell Sandved who has spent much of his life travelling the world, discovering 'letters' in nature, for example on the wings of butterflies....

Back in 1960, a young Norwegian called Kjell Sandved came to the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History to conduct research on animal behaviour.

One day, hidden away on a dusty shelf, Kjell found, inside an old cigar box, a butterfly that had a perfect letter 'F' on its wing. He was so impressed with the perfection of the way the letter appeared that he wondered if he could find other letters of the alphabet as part of the pattern on the wings of other butterflies.

This became an all consuming passion, and he has travelled the world, photographing butterflies, and creating the 'Butterfly Alphabet'. He has now created a small business, selling posters of these images, and he has also created other alphabets consisting entirely of images he has found in nature.

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