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You will hopefully have noticed that everything about this piano is back to front - the high notes are on the left, and the low notes are on the right. Yet there is no video trickery here. This is a piano that has been specially constructed for left handed pianists!

Some years ago, the musician and pianist Geza Loso, who is left handed, started thinking about a design of piano that would work better for him and other left handed pianists. Although a piano uses both hands, generally the right hand part carries the melody, and often is more difficult as well. Geza Loso felt that if the piano was arranged the other way around, he would be able to play in a more musical fashion.

He started off with a keyboard he designed himself, and then in 2000, the famous piano company Blüthner, based in Leipzig, announced a new model, the Blüthner Nr.4, based on the ideas of Geza Loso. The new piano is designed the other way around to normal pianos, and specifically for left handed pianists. As it happens, the owner of the Blüthner piano company is left handed!

One challenge is how do you write the music for a left handed piano? Geza Loso has started publishing music for left handed pianos, and believes that it is best to keep the notation the same, i.e. the treble clef and the bass clef, but simply write the notes as they now need to be played on the left handed piano. This means that left handed pianists do not have to learn another musical notation. And indeed a 'normal' pianist could sit down at a left handed piano and play from the left handed score, and everything would sound ok.

Geza Loso has 3 musical children, all of whom are left handed. The young man that we show in the video is one of his sons - Jefferson Loso.

You can visit Geza Loso's web site, and see more examples of left handed piano pieces.

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