Traffic Jam

Everyone knows that Tim is a fan of toys - after all, he has got 18,000 of them in his apartment in London. However he is a difficult man to buy presents for, as whatever you choose in the toy line, he has probably already got it!

So he was very pleased to be given a pot of this novelty 'traffic jam' as a Christmas present recently - since he had not already got one in his collection!

This pot of jam has actually got three different types of jam inside. At the bottom is gooseberry jam, which has a greenish tinge. The middle third of the pot is apricot jam, which is yellow. The top third is strawberry jam, which is red.

So we have red, amber and green layers in the pot, just like a traffic light! The makers have not used any artificial colours, so the red, amber and green are not especially strong colours. But you certainly can see the different layers, and you will get different tastes as you work your way down the pot.

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