Toys from New York

During a short trip to New York in Autumn 2007, Tim discovered four new toys.

Tweezers and sweets is a nice idea, which consists of slightly translucent orange and yellow sweets, and a pair of plastic tweezers. When you pick up one of the sweets with the tweezers, the sweet lights up in dramatic fashion! Yet the sweet is perfectly safe to eat. How can this be so? Well, the light comes from the tweezers, which have a little battery and a tiny bulb hidden inside. The effect works well because the sweet is translucent, so the light shines all the way through the sweet!

A new pen, made in Japan, with a really high quality artificial flower at the top, makes an elegant writing instrument, especially if you have a tendency to flowery prose, I suppose!

A novel yo yo, which looks as if it should be really unbalanced, but works well due to a system of internal weights; and can also spin as a top.

And finally a pop up book, with some really advanced paper engineering. Every page has monsters and ghouls jumping out at you, none of which scare the little boy who is looking for his mummy. When he finally finds her, it is clear why he is not frightened by any of the monsters - his mummy is pretty frightening too!

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