Square Poem by Lewis Carroll - Page 2

This is an unusual form of writing, known as a square poem. Each line has 6 words, and there are 6 lines. You can read the lines horizontally, in the normal way. But you can also read down the columns, starting with column 1, and the poem will read exactly the same!

We are not aware of any other examples of this type of poem. If any reader should know of one, please let us know.

Obviously one could create the same effect using random words that made no sense. Carroll's triumph is that each line of the poem makes sense, although it cannot maybe be described as great literature!

I often wondered when I cursed
Often feared where I would be -
Wondered where she'd yield her love
When I yield, so will she
I would her will be pitied!
Cursed be love! She pitied me...

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