Russian Puzzle

Russian Puzzle

The challenge is to fit the five pieces into the square. The pieces can touch, but they may not overlap. Use the mouse and click and drag to move the pieces. To rotate a piece, press the SHIFT button, and then click the mouse button.

This puzzle was created as a wooden version by Dr Vladimir Krasnoukhov.

When all the pieces are fitted into their correct place, a 'congratulations' message will pop up.

We are sometimes asked if it is possible, or necessary, to flip some of the pieces over. The answer is no, the pieces do not need to be flipped over. An observant Roy Oetting pointed out that in the real version of the puzzle, two of the pieces are indeed flipped over. While that is true, that is only so that the way that the real puzzle is shown doesn't give anything away. As I say, you do not need to flip any of the pieces.

We now have the original wooden version of the puzzle available for sale in the Grand Illusions Toy Shop. The wooden version comes with a solution!

Grand Illusions Toy Shop

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