Rufus Butler Seder - Page 2

The Kineticard (US patent # 5,901,484) was originally developed in 1997, and is a novel greetings card that you can send through the mail. The card consists of two parts. The printed card has a curious design that consists of what appears to be a random collection of vertical lines. These lines contain information about six different images, that together form an animation, in this case the 'Dancing Man'.

To make the animated sequence visible, the complex image has to be viewed through a plastic sleeve that has a fine pattern of black lines printed on it.

In between the black lines, the plastic is clear, and the card beneath can be seen through the plastic. As the plastic sleeve is slid to and fro, different selections of lines become visible, and the animation appears. This is sometimes called the 'Picket Fence' type of animation, since that is what the foreground pattern of lines resembles.

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