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Rufus Butler Seder is an optical artist, an inventor and a filmmaker. Now based in Boston USA, he started out as a film maker, but changed career a number of years ago, when a lifelong interest in optical toys led to him developing a range of unique media. Around 1992 Rufus Butler Seder started developing a unique medium he calls LIFETILES. These extraordinary 'Movies for the Wall' are vast optical glass-tiled murals that appear to come to life, change and move, when the viewer walks or rides by. He has created works for the Smithsonian Institute, an athletic centre, a cruise ship, several aquariums and other public places and museums.LIFETILES installations are made up of a large number of special 8 inch square lens-ribbed glass tiles, and the whole mural can be over 70 feet in length.

Each installation is unique, and begins with the design of the visuals. This might involve filming live subjects, computer animation or hand-drawn motion studies. Once this stage is complete, a combination of analog and digital techniques are used to produce the 'coded images' that are fused into the back of the glass tiles. There are no moving parts, nothing to wear out or break down.

When the viewer walks past the installation, the ribbed tile lenses unscramble the coded images 'frame by frame', and the observer's brain links this rapid succession of images together, creating the impression of movement.

Rufus Butler Seder says 'I enjoy capturing the kinetic exhilaration of a dancer's leap or the elastic coil and spring of a running cat. I also like seeing people react to my work. Kids run back and forth, making the pictures move. Adults stop, stare, smile shrewdly to themselves and sway from side to side. The people can be as entertaining as the work itself.'

For details, see the Rufus Butler Seder website at Rufus has also invented an animated card he calls a Kineticard - see details on the next page...

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