Paris 2008 - Part 2

In the spring of 2008, we visited Paris in search of unusual toys. We have already shown you some of the toys that we found on that trip. This is part 2.

France brings a certain 'je ne sais quois' to the design process, and we often find really unusual toys and designs there. They also cherish their small shops, and the back streets of Paris have lots of unique boutique-style shops, often containing items that cannot be found anywhere else. We like their approach. It is quite similar to ours!

The toys here include a clockwork cockroach that scuttles across the table with sparks coming from his rear end, a spinning top based on the Eifel Tower that is surprisingly stable given its height, a lovely mug that looks just like an untidy stack of 3 mugs waiiting to be washed up, mechanised salt and pepper pots which should entertain your dinner guests (and remind us the the story of the Indian prince who had a silver train set on his dining table that could carry items around the table to various guests, providing there were no signalling problems!) and some pens masquarading as can can girls.

Tres amusant!

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