Paris 2008 - Part 1

France brings a certain 'je ne sais quois' to the design process, and we often find really unusual toys and designs there. They also cherish their small shops, and the back streets of Paris have lots of unique boutique-style shops, often containing items that cannot be found anywhere else. We like their approach. It is quite similar to ours! Here are a few of the toys that we found on this particular trip.

A set of dice with little rubber balls at each corner. Very intriguing! If you drop them onto the table, they tend to bouce around in an erratic way, so maybe this helps the randomisation process. However they are also really quiet when you roll them. Normally dice tend to clatter a bit on a hard surface. So maybe they are for playing dice games when you want to be very subtle, and not draw attention to the fact. Stealth dice in fact!

Plastic cutlery that incorporates a clothes peg. So after you have stirred your coffee, you can 'peg' the spoon to the side of your mug. Or, if you are camping, you can peg your fork to the side of the plate when not in use, to stop it falling on the ground.

An ergonomic mug that really makes a lot of sense. Instead of a single handle, there is a special double loop handle, which allows you to slip 2 fingers through, and hold the mug firmly. Very clever.

We really like these matches. Made from a single block of wood, which is then cut to create the matches, it comes as a block of either 36 or 100 matches. Really elegant. Magnifique even!

Finally, a photographic panorama of Paris, where a large number of photographs have been seamlessly joined, to make one elegant panorama. 4 metres in length, the back is peelable, to reveal an adhesive back. So you can stick the panorama up on a wall.

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