Painted Magic Bank

The Magic Bank is a copy of toy that was originally made by Poynter Products Inc. of Cincinatti, Ohio. Place a coin in the slot, and immediately there is a strange whirring from inside the box, which also starts to rock from side to side. Then the lid opens, and out comes.... the hand, which grabs the coin, and vanishes back into the box! We have sold the normal plastic version of this toy for a few years.

However we then heard about Christopher Howell, who buys our Magic Banks and then customises them! He has made versions of the Magic Bank that look as if they are covered in stone slabs, which we show here. There is also a version painted to look like a wooden crate. Our favourite is the one that looks as if there is a garden gnome inside, trying to get out

Christopher tells me that one of the reasons he got so interested in this kind of work is that he bought a 1/12th scale model toy shop many years ago, and in the years since then he has painted and decorated it, put a roof on top and cobblestones out in the front, and has also made all the toys that go inside! The toy shop is set in the 1920s, so all the toys are old fashioned toys, like roller skates, cricket sets, boxing gloves, board games, hobby horses, etc.

After all these years of making and painting miniature toys, Christopher is something of a dab hand at it! So if you want Christopher Howell to create a customised Magic Bank for you, send him an e-mail.

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