Nurenburg Toy Fair 2010

February is the time of year when the Nurenburg Toy Fair is held in Germany. One of the biggest toy fairs in the annual calendar, our resident toy expert Tim Rowett never misses this.

Items he found this year include a lenticular card that contains one image, and when you rotate it, the second image you see is whatever image you place behind it. So in a way a kind of do it yourself lenticular, where you can place your own picture at the back, and see it flip with the picture within the lenticular card.

The crab that scuttles across the table has a novel twist. It is light sensitive, so when it finds itself in a dark place, it stops scuttling and sits there quietly, just like a real crab looking for shade under a rock. As soon as it detects any light, off it goes again!

Then there were two office desk toys, one a series of folding squares, each smaller than the last. Whatever shape you fold it into, it will stay like that. Desk sculpture! The other is a nice little globe sitting on a simple perspex rod. Inside the globe is a little battery powered motor, which means that the globe will keep spinning on its axis, as it sits on your desk.

Finally Tim managed to swap some toys for this prototype new toy, called the Flying Arrow. The base unit contains regular batteries, and has a simple little joystick. A little wire plugs into the flying part, and charges up what is probably a small capacitor. Apparently a 20 minute charge will give you 6 to 8 minutes of flying time. Infra red communication between the base and the flyer means than the further you push the joystick, the faster the motor turns, and the higher the 'Arrow' climbs. With a bit of practice you can get it to hover in the air.

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