Nurenburg Toy Fair 2008

February is the time of year when the Nurenburg Toy Fair is held in Germany. One of the biggest toy fairs in the annual calendar, there are always interesting items and novelties that we discover every year.

An inflatable toy, and in this case the toy spells the word EGO. So you can have an inflatable EGO, or if you let the air our, a deflated EGO!

This plastic ball is interesting, because once constructed it can actually be used as a ball. Four pieces slot together to form the outline shape. At this stage, the ball is not expecially strong. However once all the space filling black sections have been fitted, the ball acquires a rigidity that allows it to bounce, and not to fall apart.

Truzzle is a wooden puzzle that has a grid of light and dark squares, like a chess board. The puzzle comes from the fact that every piece has a different shape carved in the top. The pieces have to be arranged so that all the carved contours fit together to create a shape.

Finally, a contact that we met at the fair gave us the swan made from lottery tickets! Each lottery ticket is folded into a small diagonal piece of paper. These then interlock, and the end result in this case is a swan. A true labour of love!

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