New York Toy Fair 2010

Every February, as soon as the Nurenburg Toy Fair is over, Tim heads across the Atlantic to visit the New York Toy Fair. And this year he picked up a bumper load of toys!

There is a new design of torch, that clips onto a PP9 (9 volt) battery. With its bendy neck it is certainly flexible! Another design of puzzle maze, where the box remains locked until you move the little ball bearing through the maze to the end, which unlocks the box. And a strange plastic toy, a Corn Ball, that looks like sweetcorn (or maize) which you can squeeze and deform.

A sample of a new type of plastic that has a minty taste and smell embedded into it. Apparently it will keep the smell and taste more or less indefinitely. Mind you Tim has only had it for two weeks, so our testing has not been very exhaustive yet! Maybe a material to make toothbrushes from. Or maybe plastic cutlery! Also some new versions of the Pop Eyes that we already sell. These have little sound chips inside, so as you squeeze them you get the animal noise as well. And some plastic clothes pegs with charming little birds on top. Starling Clothes Pegs!

Various companies were offering sets of little neodymium magnets which you can use to make all sorts of shapes with. Another item for the executive desk is a little 8 piece globe held together with magnets. You can take it apart and reverse it, and swap between a geographical view of the world and a political view.

The annoy-a-tron is a little electronic gizmo to annoy your friends with. It makes a funny little electronic noise or a bleep (you can choose) every 3 minutes. Could take a long time to track it down! Chefs Soap is a bar of soap made of solid stainless steel. Apparently if you get a strong smell on your hands while cooking, onions say, you rub your hands on the 'soap' under a running tap, and the smell will go!

A Noisemaker which contains percussion caps for extra noise, a collapsible coat hanger, and a book about cutting fancy patterns in your lawn - with a piece of astroturf attached to the front cover!

Some lenticular rulers with very nice designs, a couple of really nice flip books, and an unusal design of pen. Tilt it down so the nib comes out, and somehow it immediately locks into place. Turn the pen the other way up, and the nib just slides back inside. A very clever mecnanism. A greeting card containing a spinning flying saucer, some elastic bands with shapes, and a plastic construction toy where the small pieces clip together, to make a slinky. Tim's suitcase is always heavier on the way home than on the way out!

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