New York Toy Fair 2008

During his recent trip to the New York Toy Fair in February 2008, Tim picked up a number of toys and novelties. Some were from the fair itself. Others were from shops in New York, or from friends that Tim meets every year at the fair.

A pad of paper that also is a nice desk sculpture. You can flex the block into different designs, which are all the more striking because of the strips along the side of the block. Keeping with the stationery theme, a pair of scissors that look like a rabbit with attitude, and still function well as scissors. I suppose the only danger with all this funky stuff on your desk, you might just get distracted from the work you are supposed to be doing!

A cube that opens up to show a map of the world. Flip part of the structure to reveal a map of the skies as well. Still on the star theme, this neat plastic star from Brazil comes in 3 flat pieces. Slide the parts together, and voila - you have a neat three dimensional object.

Sliding block puzzles have been around a long time, but this one has a novel twist. Each sliding block is made of coloured plastic, which allows you to see through it as well. So slide a yellow tile over a blue background, and you have green! The challenge is to move from one set of colours to a completely different set. And finally a new skill toy. Set the top spinning, and then move the base around in circles. As the spindle of the top moves around the edge of the base, it comes into contact with a rubber rim, which allows you to get the spinning speed of the top to increase. having got your top spinning sufficiently fast, you can then allow it to jump out of the base onto the floor. It will bounce up to 6 feet high. and will continue to bounce for a while, and as the bounces get smaller, the fact that the top is spinning will keep it stable. For a while anyway.

Six unusual toys, all sourced during the annual trip to the New York Toy Fair, in February 2008.

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