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One way of exploring this puzzle further is to do an experiment. Get a friend to set up the 3 doors - not real doors obviously, but you could use 3 pieces of cardboard on the table, one with a paper car underneath, and two with paper goats. Or just have the car, and assume the others are goats. Get the friend to set up the puzzle while you are out of the room, and then you come in and choose a door. The friend then reveals one of the other doors as not having the car behind, whereupon you decide to stick with your original choice, or to switch doors. Try the experiment 10 or 20 times, and keep a record of whether when you stick you win or lose, and when you switch whether you win or lose. The more times do you the experiment, the more the results will show 0.33333 chance of winning if you stick, and 0.66666 chance of winning if you switch.

Alternatively, a number of visitors to the Grand Illusions site have written simulators for the Monty Hall Problem. Stefan Knutsson from Sweden has created a simulator which does not need a download. We can see that it is a Swedish car. Are these also Swedish goats? Visit Stefan's simulator...

Finally if you do a search on the internet for Monty Hall, you will find a number of sites that explain it. Here is one -

Grand Illusions Toy Shop

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